Proxy voting reports

Our proxy analysis covers the AGM agenda and includes voting recommendations whereby we use the ECGS voting guidelines and local standards. In addition we have additional sections covering key topics like: key figures, share capital structure, corporate governance and directors and board remuneration.

In-depth company report

These reports are used by investors who have an active dialogue with the companies, e.g. visiting AGMs or one-on-one meetings with the board. In order to have an enhanced dialogue these reports build further on the proxy voting reports and includes an in in-depth analysis of amongst others the company’s strategy and performance, risk management, capital structure and board remuneration.


Next to our in-depth company reports, we, together with our partners of the ECGS network, can offer a full engagement service for companies in the Eurozone and Switzerland. For more information about this service, please contact us.


The primary objective of our research is to provide a full market overview on a specific topic, which includes a description of current market practices, trends and developments and the identification of best practice examples.

Past research includes topics like executive remuneration, risk management and strategy disclosure in annual reports (reports can be downloaded in the Press & Publications section)