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Executive remuneration of Royal Dutch Shell unfavorable from a shareholder perspective

Interview with Nicolai Knop (18 May 2009) in which he expressed his concerns regarding the executive remuneration package of Royal Dutch Shell. A majority of shareholder opposed during the AGM that followed.

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Risk management study on major Dutch publicly traded firms

Summary of our 2008 study: “Risk management is a frequently debated topic in the corporate governance world. We observe that the topic receives more and more attention in financial reporting, which is a positive development. However, based on the results of this research we conclude that none of the public companies report on all aspects of risk management. Furthermore, our empirical research has revealed, that disclosure practices regarding risks and internal control systems show a wide diversity regarding:

  1. the level of detail
  2. the description of the risks and control systems
  3. the quality and the scope of the ‘in control’-statement
A remarkable finding is that the differences in transparency between the LargeCap, MidCap- and SmallCap companies are not in line with the general idea that large firms are more transparent. Instead, our findings show that Mid- and SmallCaps are more transparent than the LargeCaps in various aspects of disclosure regarding risk management”.

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Bonuses should be more transparent

Although the amounts paid under the annual bonus plans are disclosed in the annual reports, it remains very difficult, if not impossible, for shareholders and other stakeholders to get a clear view on the underlying pay for performance relation. In our commentary in the financial newspaper, het Financieele Dagblad, we present seven recommendations for improvement.

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