SHAREHOLDER SUPPORT is partner of the Expert Corporate Governance Service(ECGS) network. ECGS is a joint venture of independent local market experts which have come together to provide specialist governance assessments and informed proxy voting advice, offering institutions access to unrivalled experience on corporate governance and responsible investment issues. The ECGS network offers coverage of the 500 largest European stocks based on a common framework of governance principles and voting policy.

Recently ECGS expanded its coverage outside Europe as two new partners, GIR (North-America) and SIRIS (Asia/Pacific), joined the network. As a result ECGS will be able to advice institutional investors on more than 1350 companies globally.

For companies outside Belgium, the Netherlands and the Nordic Countries, the underlying research is made by the following partners: Europe: Other ECGS-members are DSW, Ethos and Proxinvest. North America: Groupe Investissement Responsable (GIR), Asia/Pacific: Sustainable Investment Research Consultant (SIRIS).













Groupe Investissement Responsible (GIR):



Sustainable Investment Research Consultant (SIRIS):